Space technologies in your hands

We design and develop CubeSats for research and education

We are transferring knowledge in space technology to the Middle East

Mission Planning

Before designing, the mission should be planned in detail, mission idea and purpose, payload selection, targeted orbit, satellite communication scheduling, and mission lifecycle.

Design the CubeSat

The CubeSat design is based on mission objective, it includes: communication subsystem, power and solar panels, attitude control, and payload.

Integration and launch

Conduct functional tests on the CubeSat by simulate the harsh environment in which it will be, and make sure the systems can work. These tests include: thermal vacuum test test, vibration test, and other. In conjunction with this we book the launch date with companies that offer the best options that suit the mission objective.


We offer training packages on how to plan satellite missions in space, design and build CubeSats, and training on how to connect to satellites

Our Projects

Launch our 1st CubeSat

Currently we are designing the prototype and test its communications, the goal is to do an earth imagery to detect cloud formations to help predicting weather, this would be a demonstration mission.

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